About Lauren Kuby

My family always told me that I was bound for a life of community service. I trace that path back to 1958, when my parents were volunteering for John F Kennedy’s Senate campaign in small-town Massachusetts. One day, JFK unexpectedly visited, with no entourage, the local campaign office. He asked for coffee, and my Dad raced home to percolate a cup, leaving 8-month-old me and my Mom alone with the family hero. "Your daughter makes me miss Caroline. Can I hold her?" The story of JFK rocking me as a baby became family lore and a large part of my identity.

My Dad was a town committeeman and, at age 12, I was his proud “assistant” committeewoman...or so I thought. Turns out that position didn’t exist; he awarded me that title to dupe me into doing his work! Still, the sense of contributing to my community has been important to me ever since. My middle-class parents raised me to believe that being part of a community means doing the hard work to care for it. I've worked on many issues in many campaigns, both nonpartisan and partisan, from local to statewide to national; and Harry Mitchell--a font of Tempe history, government, and geography--has been my inspiration for much of that time.

Since first moving to Tempe 29 years ago, bringing people together has been my passion: as a parent at Hudson Elementary School, fashioning the district’s first site-based governance team; as a member of Tempe Leadership Class XXV collaborating to bring a mobile-shower trailer to the homeless; and as a Tempe Community Council board member, “connecting those in need with those that care.”

Community engagement is central to my professional life as well. As manager of community engagement for ASU’s Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, I oversee a packed public events calendar, mentor ASU undergraduate students, and engage the Tempe community in sustainable solutions. For example, I bring together neighborhood volunteers, local businesses, and the City in a continuing “A” Mountain Restoration Project.

As a community leader and a champion of urban sustainability, my goal is to connect the University, local small businesses, nonprofits, and neighborhood organizations to strive toward a healthy, thriving Tempe.

Like my parents, I believe that if you care about your community, you have to take care of it. That’s what I will continue to try to do if you re-elect me to YOUR City Council.

The Arizona Republic named Lauren Kuby as one of the “Top 5 People Who Made a Difference in Tempe,” citing her advocacy on homelessness and environmental issues. Most recently, Arizona Interfaith Power and Light named her a “Hero for Eco-Justice.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in US history from The University of Chicago and a master’s degree in public history from ASU. She lives in Tempe with her husband, Mike, an ASU geographer and urban planning professor. They have raised two daughters, Nora and Olivia, and many dogs and grandpups.

Educator Sharon Doyle serves as the honorary chair of Lauren’s campaign.

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