Lauren is a 29-year resident of Tempe and long-time community leader who advocates for vulnerable populations, worker protections, and climate-change action. As a Tempe Councilmember, she has led efforts for equal pay, environmental protection, earned sick days, government transparency, and campaign-finance reform. She champions cities as hubs of innovation in Arizona and defends local democracy at every turn. 

In 2014, Lauren Kuby was elected to the Tempe City Council—her first elected office—on a sustainability platform intent on sparking collaborations between the City and ASU (hence, the bridge on her signs!)

Her passion is in bringing people together: as a parent fashioning the district’s first site-based governance team at Hudson Elementary School; as an advocate for Tempe’s vulnerable populations in her work with the Tempe Community Council and Tempe Leadership Class XXV; and as a grassroots activist inspired by the Honorable Harry E. Mitchell.

As manager of community engagement for ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability, Lauren oversees a packed public events calendar and mentors students to become active in the community. As a Councilmember, she connects the ASU community, local businesses, nonprofits, and neighborhood organizations in search of sustainable solutions to pressing environmental, economic, and social issues.

The Arizona Republic named Lauren Kuby as one of the “Top 5 People Who Made a Difference in Tempe,” citing her advocacy on homelessness and environmental issues. She was chosen as one of the country's top municipal elected officials in 2016. Most recently, Arizona Interfaith Power and Light named her a “Hero for Eco-Justice.”

She earned a bachelor’s degree in US history from The University of Chicago and a master’s degree in public history from ASU. She lives in central Tempe with her husband, Mike (an ASU geographer and urban planning professor) and the obnoxious Rupert the Bull Terrier. Lauren and Mike have raised two daughters, Nora and Olivia, in Tempe.

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