Sustainability & Innovation

My definition of sustainability? For me, it's making economic, environmental, and societal decisions today with an eye toward the children of tomorrow. Or, eating foods that my grandparents would recognize!

Increasingly, Tempe is a showcase for sustainable solutions originating out of ASU. I will aim to construct citizen-engaged policies and programs that lead to a cleaner, healthier, and more economically viable Tempe:

  • Heating and Cooling

    • intensify Tempe’s transition to renewable energy sources. Set a 100% renewable-energy goal--beyond our current 20% trajectory--for city-owned buildings and operations. 

    • increase or tree canopy to save energy and create more shade in parks, right-of-ways, and bus stops 

  • Worker Protection and Development 

    • continue to lead Arizona in protecting workers and ensuring that contractors understand that, to build in Tempe, they need to model best practices in construction, using highly skilled workers and offering trained apprenticeship programs. 

  • Sustainable Food Systems

    • embrace the sustainable food movement (local first, composting, food trucks, more community gardens, access to fresh healthy food for ALL our neighborhoods) and promote local businesses that spark the local economy

  • Green Building

    • update Tempe’s building ordinances and walk the talk in building and renovating city buildings with energy and water efficiency in mind

    • set high standards for development in our City -- citizen-engaged, sustainable development
  • Sustainable Transportation

    • increase public transit options, invest in alternative transit and create a more walkable and bikeable city

    • create safe, Complete Streets for all users--pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers, and transit riders of all ages and abilities

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