What People are Saying About Lauren

Gayle Shanks, Owner of Changing Hands Bookstore

I'm excited that such a committed and vibrant person as Lauren serves on the Tempe City Council. Lauren has all the attributes we look for in government--compassion, a sense of the importance of buying local and keeping money in our local economy, a commitment to grow the City in sustainable ways, responsible fiscal policies, creative ways of approaching problems like poverty, education and homelessness, and a deep love for all things Tempe.

Sierra Club, Grand Canyon Chapter

Sierra Club is pleased to endorse your candidacy for the City of Tempe City Council. You've demonstrated an outstanding commitment to good governance and environmental protection in Tempe, our state, and our nation.  

Dr. Leland Fairbanks

The name Lauren Kuby is one of the most respected councilmember names that I’ve ever encountered among the many great ones I’ve known in Tempe and other cities! 

Campaign Zoe Stein, Graduate Student, School of Sustainability 

I've known Lauren as a friend, a mentor and an outstanding community leader for my entire professional life. Lauren is honest, hard working and the most committed decision maker I know, especially when it comes to promoting conditions for a Happy, Healthy and Sustainable Tempe. #neverthelessshepersisted could be Lauren's tagline when it comes to standing up for all members of our community, and keeping us mZowoving towards a tomorrow we can be proud of. 

Fred Barlam, Retired Educator 

Lauren Kuby has been an excellent addition to the Tempe City Council. She's extremely civic-minded and has spent years working tirelessly to make Tempe a better place.

State Senator Sean Bowie

There isn't a better Tempe Councilmember than Lauren: hard working, genuine, honest, sincere, good-humored, and experienced. 

State Representative Mitzi Epstein

Keeping Arizona’s independent spirit alive,  Lauren has made a difference for a long list of improvements in Tempe. She has been a champion for the freedom to generate your own electricity, the protection of puppies, and finding a long-term solution to help the homeless in Tempe, to name just a few efforts she has led. Lauren has been an active councilmember whose outreach to communities is exemplary.    cannot wait to see what she does next. #KeepKuby on the Tempe City Council!” 

Councilmember Randy Keating

Lauren Kuby has done so much for the city of Tempe as a citizen and now as a Councilmember. I'm proud to serve with her.

Debbie First

As your first boss, I'm so proud of Lauren--she is a gift wrapped in integrity, passion, and an incredible work ethic.

Jon Mulford

Good government starts at the local level with concerned dedicated people ready to make government work for local citizens. Lauren has demonstrated her work for the people of Tempe time after time and needs to be retained on the Tempe City Council. Support Lauren for re-election.

State Senator Juan Mendez

Lauren Kuby is a force of nature. I've never known anyone so driven to pursue community service as a way of life and with a focus on meaningful, common-sense solutions. Such true motives are rare in the political sphere, and Tempe is lucky to have her leadership and unfailing energy at City Hall.

James Sena

You've put in so much time and energy into the fight for good governance in Tempe. I love Tempe and I'm proud to have your expertise and passions on the Council, keeping this town on the right track.

Zach Josephson

We must re-elect this woman. She has dedicated herself to creating communities and empowering people during her time on the Council and throughout her life.

Bob Lord

Lauren Kuby brings to the table a combination of intensity, intellect, idealism, impeccable progressive values, and charisma you rarely see in a candidate.

Jenny Lucier, Neighborhood Leader

Lauren Kuby represents everything we've been fighting for over these past hree decades.

Therese Lucier, Neighborhood Leader

Lauren Kuby continues to be the best choice for Tempe and Tempe's future. She is indefatigable. She has shown leadership and compassion in her fight for sustainable resources and neighborhood preservation. I look forward to casting my vote once again for Lauren.

Ernie and Jeanette Nickles

We are so delighted that Lauren is seeking re-election on the council! We need her energy and insightfulness. These are times of great global changes and Tempe needs enlightened guidance.

Tim Palmer, Tempe Resident

Having known Lauren Kuby's dedication to both the City of Tempe and ASU, having known her dedication to the values of the common man, having known her tireless efforts to protect the environment, Lauren brings intellectual strength to the Tempe City Council. I've lived in Tempe since 1963, and I've never seen a Councilmember that brings such a wealth of knowledge, character, values, and work ethic.

Ron Pies, Retired Parks Director

In nearly 50 years in and around local government, I've worked with some of the most dedicated citizens who served on city council. It's a thankless task with little reward, other than serving your community. It is rare to find a councilmember as prepared and as enthusiastic as Lauren. 

Nancy Puffer, Colleague from the Tempe Community Council 

Lauren is a thoughtful and respectful leader who is not afraid to ask tough questions, encourage intelligent yet civil dialogue, speak up for the vulnerable, and use limited resources wisely. She has a phenomenal web of influence with many well-respected community leaders—with good reason.

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